About Us

What is PoleDaddy


A brand new fishing accessory that helps anyone fishing hold their pole and make fishing more comfortable. Scientifically designed soft plastic pouch with a nylon belt that holds the butt of your pole and eliminates the awful bruising that has plagued anglers for generations. In addition there are several other features that make PoleDaddy even better. A sewn drink holder with room enough for a coozie that needs only one hand to grab, drink, and replace. An extra loop with a handy Velcro latch that can hold your pole upright so you can use both hands to take fish off, or put bait on with ease.

No more reels or rods on the ground. 


What makes PoleDaddy different?

 It is the only soft, pliable, fishing pouch and belt on the market.

It can be worn all day comfortably even when you sit, because it bends with you. It is still strong enough to handle an 80 pound shark off the beach or a one pound monster on the family pier. 

A product for every member of the family. Women love it because they no longer bruise, and kids love it because it teaches them the proper way to hold their pole. TIP UP!

It makes fishing more fun!


Our Story

 Learning to fish has been taught before walking, as it has been for many others around the world. Family vacations to the beach mean one thing, FISHING. Our company was created to bring an easy and fun way for families, friends, and all to enjoy fishing with less hassle.